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Certificate  Attestation

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Certified True copy

Police Clearance Certificate

Endorsement Attestation Services from 100 nations


Degree Certificate Attestation

Degree certificate attestation is must important documentation. That must be submitted in order to apply for professional visa. Know more...


Marriage Certificate Attestation

Marriage certificate attestation is important for married couples, who living together in UAE for many official needs. Know more...


Birth Certificate Attestation

Attested birth certificate is an official requirement in UAE for sponsoring child visa and School admission. Know More...


Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the final authority to legalize a document for United Arab Emirates . know more...

embassy attestation


UAE Embassy Attestation from your home country is import in order to get Ministry of Foreign affairs attestation from UAE. Know more...


worldwide documents are required attestation in the United Arab Emirates in order to use for any official purposes. Know More

Record verifications, We can help you internationally

Power of Attorney

Company Documents

NOC Certificate

Medical Certificate

Memorandum of Association

Articles of Association

Agency Agreements

Board Resolution

Degree Certificate Attestation

Diploma Certificate Attestation

Transfer Certificate Attestation

Graduation Certificate Attestation

Professional Certificate Attestation

Mark sheet, transcripts

School Certificate Attestation

University Certificate Attestation

Any individual who is working abroad or universally may need to do government office confirmation and Ministry of Foreign Affairs authentication in their testaments to demonstrate that his archives are unique and checked. what's more, some nations may demand to Translate in this way records into authentic dialects, it's known as a legitimate interpretation. Some time required to send ensured genuine duplicate or Notarized duplicate of identification and ID confirmation. We offer an extreme answer for every one of your needs in 100 nations.


What is Certificate Attestation ?

Notary Stamps

International Services

Attestation is a demonstration of confirming a report. Approved people, offices and specialists will do check. They will utilize their official sign and stamp to check.

How to get Certificate Attestation in UAE?

Reports attestation is a bit by bit process. The verification method may differ area to nation. 


Endorsement Attestation Procedure 


Authorization in Notary open 

State Home Department Seal and Sign 

Confirmation from External Affairs or Foreign Affairs in the nation of origin. 

Stamp from the UAE Embassy in the nation of origin 

At long last Stamp from Ministry of the Foreign Affairs in UAE 


Amazon is profoundly particular for doing confirmation universally. We work intently for 86 nations. We offer expedited administration inside 7 working days

What is MOFA Attestation?

How to get MOFA [Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation] in Dubai, UAE?

Do you have a UAE consulate stamp as of now in your Document? On the off chance that you have, you can legitimately stroll into the MOFA office in Dubai. We are offering to bother free same-day administrations. 


What's more, on the off chance that you don't have UAE government office confirmation effectively, at that point you expected to get it on your endorsement. UAE international safe haven in your nation is going to your papers in the event that your archives confirmed by your nation first. 


Amazon offers Embassy validation and all other confirmation benefits in 100 nations. We are profoundly particular for authentication, legitimization, interpretation, and Notary open

What is an Apostille?

Apostille is quite like certificate attestation. Here documents are verified by stamping Official seal and signature on the certificate. thus, documents are acceptable in Members of the Hague Convention. 100

countries are Members.

How do I Get an Apostille?

First will be First, in which nation your declaration is given? is it true that they are part of the Hague Convention? Where you need to utilize your reports? is that will acknowledge? 


Try not to get befuddled, Amazon can find all of you this solution and Apostille we offer in every one of the 100 nations. 


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