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OHC Typing - Medical Fitness Center in Dubai

Dubai’s bustling hospitality and retail sectors demand a high standard of health and safety. To ensure this, employees working in hotels, restaurants, cafes, cafeterias, supermarkets, and other food-related establishments must obtain an Occupational Health Card (OHC). The process involves medical fitness tests at designated centers. Here’s how you can simplify this process with OHC Typing and a guide to the medical fitness test centers in Dubai.

OHC Typing Made Easy

Applying for an Occupational Health Card (OHC) in Dubai no longer requires multiple office visits. With OHC Typing services, you can handle the entire application process online. This service ensures that your application is accurately completed and submitted without the hassle of traditional methods.

How to Use OHC Typing Services:

  1. Email Application: Send your details to The team will respond on the same day to guide you through the process.

  2. WhatsApp Service: For quicker communication, send a message to +97143300011. The team is ready to assist with any queries or concerns.

Medical Fitness Test Centers in Dubai

After completing your OHC application, the next step is to undergo a medical fitness test. Here are some of the key health screening centers in Dubai where you can complete your tests:

  1. Bur Dubai Health Screening Center

    • Located in the heart of Bur Dubai, this center is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to conduct comprehensive health screenings.

  2. Al Nahda Health Screening Center

    • Situated in the Al Nahda area, this center provides quick and efficient medical fitness tests, making it convenient for those living in nearby regions.

  3. Al Karama Health Screening Center

    • Known for its accessibility and fast service, the Al Karama center is a popular choice for many employees seeking medical fitness tests.

  4. Dubai Investment Park Health Screening Center

    • Located in the rapidly developing Dubai Investment Park, this center offers advanced medical screening services to cater to the growing workforce in the area.

Benefits of the Streamlined Process

  • Convenience: Complete your OHC application and medical fitness tests without the need for extensive travel or waiting times.

  • Efficiency: The OHC Typing service ensures your application is accurate and promptly processed.

  • Support: With dedicated support via email and WhatsApp, you can address any issues or questions quickly.


Obtaining your Occupational Health Card in Dubai has never been easier. With OHC Typing services and accessible medical fitness test centers, you can ensure compliance with health regulations effortlessly. Start your application today by emailing or contacting via WhatsApp at +97143300011. Keep your health standards high and contribute to a safe working environment in Dubai’s dynamic hospitality and retail sectors.

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