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Understanding the Occupational Health Card in Dubai

Navigating the intricacies of workplace health and safety in Dubai, the Occupational Health Card (OHC) stands out as a pivotal requirement. This blog post sheds light on what an OHC is, its importance, and the procedures for application and renewal, with a special focus on how Amazon Attestation office in Dubai facilitates these processes.

What is an Occupational Health Card and Why is it Important?

The Occupational Health Card is a mandatory requirement for certain categories of workers in Dubai, especially those in the food and health industries. It is a testament to the holder's health status, ensuring they are free from communicable diseases and fit to work in public health-sensitive sectors.

Who Needs an Occupational Health Card in Dubai?

Primarily, workers in the food handling, catering, and health sectors need an OHC. This includes chefs, waiters, food processors, and health workers who directly interact with the public.

Occupational Health Card Requirements in Dubai

Applicants must undergo a medical examination that typically includes tests for communicable diseases. Additional requirements may include passport copies, visa details, and employment information.

How to Apply for an Occupational Health Card in Dubai

The application process involves a health checkup at authorized medical centers, followed by submitting the medical report along with the required documents to the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

How to Renew an Occupational Health Card in Dubai

Renewal of the OHC is similar to the initial application process and must be done periodically. This involves a fresh medical examination and submission of updated documents.

Applying for an Occupational Health Card in Dubai: A Step-by-Step Guide

Amazon attestation office in Dubai offers comprehensive assistance for both new applications and renewals of OHCs. They guide applicants through each step, ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Amazon Attestation Office Locations in Dubai:

  1. DIP Office:

  • Location: Dubai Investment Park, Metro Station – European Business Center, Shop 26 – Green Community Village – Dubai – UAE.

  • Contact: +971 42528846, Hotline: +97143300011.

  • Additional Information: Free parking is available.

  1. Al Barsha Office:

  • Location: Kiosk13,14 Al Attar Business Centre, Beside ibis Hotel, Al Barsha 1 Near Mashreq Metro Station – 1 Sheikh Zayed Rd – Dubai.

  • Contact: 0565454046 / 0565454049.


The Occupational Health Card is a crucial element in maintaining public health standards in Dubai's sensitive sectors. Its application and renewal, though straightforward, require careful attention to detail. Amazon attestation office in Dubai emerges as a reliable partner, offering expert assistance in obtaining and renewing the Occupational Health Card, ensuring a smooth and compliant process for workers in the city.

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