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Why Mandatory Dubai Workers Occupational Health Cards

Why Mandatory Dubai Worker's Occupational Health Cards Are Essential

In Dubai, a city known for its high standards of public health and safety, Occupational Health Cards (OHC) are mandatory for workers in various sectors. These cards play a crucial role in ensuring that employees, especially those in public-facing roles, meet the health and safety standards required by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). In this blog, we will discuss the importance of Occupational Health Cards for workers in Dubai and how the Amazon Attestation and Documents Clearing Office can assist you in obtaining them.

Occupational Health Card in dubai
Occupational Health Card

Understanding the Occupational Health Card

An Occupational Health Card is a certification that an employee has passed the necessary health checks and is fit to work, particularly in sectors where health and hygiene are paramount. This includes industries like food and beverage, hospitality, health care, and others where workers are in direct contact with the public.

Why are Occupational Health Cards Mandatory in Dubai?

1. Public Health and Safety

The primary purpose of the OHC is to protect public health and safety. It ensures that workers, especially those handling food or working in healthcare, are free from communicable diseases.

2. Regulatory Compliance

Obtaining an OHC is a legal requirement in Dubai. Businesses must ensure that all their employees have valid health cards to comply with local regulations.

3. Workplace Hygiene and Safety

The OHC promotes a culture of hygiene and safety in the workplace, which is crucial for maintaining high standards of service and customer trust.

4. Employee Well-being

Regular health checks required for the OHC also benefit the employees by monitoring their health and ensuring they are fit to work.

The Process of Obtaining an Occupational Health Card

Step 1: Medical Examination

Employees must undergo a medical examination at a DHA-approved health center. This includes tests for communicable diseases.

Step 2: Application Submission

After passing the medical tests, the application for the OHC, along with the medical report and other required documents, is submitted to the DHA.

Step 3: Card Issuance

Once the application is processed, the Occupational Health Card is issued to the employee.

How Amazon Attestation and Documents Clearing Office Can Help

Navigating the process of obtaining an Occupational Health Card can be challenging. Amazon Attestation and Documents Clearing Office offers comprehensive assistance:

  • Guidance on Requirements: We provide information on the necessary medical tests and documentation required for the OHC.

  • Application Processing: Our team assists with the complete application process, from medical examination scheduling to submission of documents.

  • Efficient Service: We ensure a smooth and timely process so that your employees can obtain their OHCs without delays.

Contact Us

For assistance with your Occupational Health Cards needs in Dubai, please contact the Amazon Attestation and Documents Clearing Office:

Ensure your workforce complies with Dubai’s health and safety standards with our expert OHC services.

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